B1F, Okazaki Bld., 2-14-13, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
150-0002, Japan
Can you describe duties contents?
Design of the public system, development, test
Can you describe a role?
As a business partner of the major vendor company, I connect the online system of the public system and the system of the partner financial institution and am engaged in duties to enable exchange dealings and various services.
Please tell me the point that has a hard time in working.
When a drunkard bulldog gets up as a result that the system which I developed really operated a public performance, I am to be serious because it is a public system.
Therefore we make out the schedule with margin and perform a careful process repeatedly many times by delivery date. When the verge of the test using the true machine does not let you achieve a digestion number of tests aim on the day as much as possible because a machine borrowing day is fixed at time by a unit, a schedule might be largely late.
However, I am worthwhile very much because it is the system with such an accent.
What kind of person do you request?
Towards without experience
Is interested in an occupation called SE; a, anyway, motivated person!
A person having an ambition is still possible.
Towards an experienced person
A creative person with the research feeling that there is the sense of fun that can discover pleasure for oneself while I work.
The person who was interested in in a rhinoceros net will heap up a rhinoceros net together!!
Can you describe duties contents?
Credit card company, Card authorize system
A credit reference, trust judges the card of the customer (visitor) of the card use smoothly. And it is a system running consecutively through the 24h/ year.
It is not at all a system in the van, but undertakes necessary duties contents in the present times.
Can you describe a role?
Development work of Card authorize system and maintenance work become the contents which we undertake. Quickness and carefulness are the slogans of our team.
Please tell me the point that has a hard time in working.
There is no easy work in all processes.
Besides because it becomes content to sell the important data of the visitor,
I feel that every day is hard. However, the sense of accomplishment when I accomplished work is particular.
What kind of person do you request?
The person who even a work person is a jobless person, but can have distinction,
The serious person who wants to wear a technique!
I wait for application by all means!!.
Can you describe duties contents?
With the merger of the bank, I build the bank unification system.
Can you describe a role?
It is work to move the operating system to a new system now.
Please tell me the point that has a hard time in working.
Because a time limit until bank unification is fixed, I push forward work in a schedule street.
If there are the addition of the business, a change and some kind of accidents even if I push forward work smoothly in that
It is serious to handle work according to schedule each time because you must cope.
What kind of person do you request?
With "spirit of self-advancement, is autonomous challenge mind" wait for one.
I am inexperienced and do not have any problem at all either! Because, from a beginning, there is not the person with the skill.
In "I believe that I can do it person such people whom I can outrun", the skill is Masuyo because of the body before long.