B1F, Okazaki Bld., 2-14-13, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
150-0002, Japan
Will there be the limit of educational background and the age on the occasion of the application?
It is just what listed in an offer essential point, but, please challenge it by all means basically because you make much of  than experience for in front of motivation shop.
I have used the PC only by the Internet and an email, can you enter the company?
That's quite all right. There are a lot of real inexperienced people in seniors playing an active part in the front line now. I think that it is uneasy, but anyone can grow up first if there is even a motivation.
When do you hold the company briefing session?
I start it in October over January in the next year. In a detailed schedule, I would like confirmation than New Information [HOME]. In addition, I perform the inquiry in one of an email at any time.
Do you want you to teach a flow of the selection?
The first paper screening → interview (called the second leader at team )→ interview (president) he/she drifts.)
It is work location, there is it with the head office or our contract, how will be decided?
I ask you about hope at the time of an interview after having had you understand work contents and I coordinate it with leader at team of each post and am decided.
There is work location by the question mentioned above with "the head office or our contract", what is our contract ahead?
At the visitor whom we deal with our contract in, it is to work.
When will an experienced person, the offer of the hiring throughout the year reach?
Our experienced person, hiring throughout the year turn on the year and I update it at any time and place it in What's New.。
How becomes the privacy policies such as an application or data?
I manage it severely in us so that the secret is protected about all documents and personal information such as data that I took in the case of application and, after selection, delete it in conformity with the Personal Information Protection Law immediately.
What kind of feelings are the average age of employees, the sex ratio?
The average age of employees employs 34.5 years old, the woman positively. The woman plays an active part, too.
How is the atmosphere in the company?
An opinion is easy to be accepted to the president and lets you challenge various things. In addition, it is the environment that is easy to work very much because it is one of the styles of the rhinoceros net "to make distinction of ON (work) and OFF (private) well".
How does the new face training reach?
I perform the new face training by the training in the company, the outside a company building training and two systems. The outside a company building training is the training to learn a business skill mainly. The training in the company performs the duties knowledge training, the programming training.
What is OJT?
OJT is On-the-Job Traininng and learns duties skill while practicing it. Off-the-Job which, meanwhile, it is far, and performs normal duties again I perform Traininng and learn the knowledge to be able to make use of by duties, "management skill" "business skill" "IT skill" necessary in the future.