B1F, Okazaki Bld., 2-14-13, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
150-0002, Japan

EC system, suggestion of the system which is suggestion, project management, a design, the construction mission chestnut tical of the credit payment system, project management, design, construction
The type of job

Suggestion, project management, design, systems construction C/S systems architecture, construction of the WEB solution, intranet / extranet design, construction

System maintenance
Operative design, introduction, maintenance of the automatic operative software, data management, quality control, troubleshooting, duties improvement suggestion to a customer
Salary   【school-leaver
 University graduate salary 202,000 yen
 Technical school, short university graduate salary 182,000 yen
 High-school graduate salary 172,000 yen

 Experience, ability, age, considers it by a change of job
  enough not to become disadvantageous.

  【experienced person
 More than 250,000 yen
Subject  All departments, all subjects, all subjects
Qualification   【inexperienced person
 One ※ educational background no object to around 30 years
 old, the second new college graduate welcome!

  【experienced person
 If there is PG experience, I welcome you to around 35 years old!
Wage model
(30 years old)
 5,600,000 yen
Work location  The head office or our contract
Working hours  From 9:00 to 18:00
 Standard time eight hours
 Flexible core time from 10:00 to 16:00
Service  The commuting transportation expenses total amount,  
 overtime allowance, qualification allowance (each 
information processing licensee, vendor licensee,  
telecommunications chief engineer)
Raise in salary  Once a year April 1
Bonus  In summer July winter season December five months a year  
(the past five years results)
Social insurance  The employment, workmen's accident, health, welfare annuity
Welfare program  Rest facilities (Kawaguchiko fit resort club)
Holiday vacation  A complete five-day working week, the year-end and New
 Year holidays, annual paid (vacation acquisition possibility
 consecutive in the first year for 12 days), congratulations or
 condolence vacation
Selection method  After paper screening, I have an interview
Application  Resume, transcript, certificate
Towards an experienced person  Please show a flexible, fresh idea, positive, energetic acting
 power to one's heart's content.
Towards a new college graduate, an inexperienced person  I learn a positive technique, and, please form property of the life.