B1F, Okazaki Bld., 2-14-13, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
150-0002, Japan
Privacy policy
Establishment April 1, 2008
Revision November 20, 2012
Representative director
Junichi Saitou

.Personal information protection idea
  We perform an information service for the purpose of profit. I think that our these
  business makes ends meet on the trust with the person concerned (a visitor, the
  business other side, stockholder and employee).
  We establish this privacy policy as the action standard that an officer and an
  employee should observe to handle all personal information to take when we do    
operation more fairly and decide to plan thorough observance.
  We do not use personal information across a range necessary for the achievement
  of a use purpose identified beforehand.
  We observe the model of Japanese Industrial Standards JISQ15001:2006 guidance
  and others that laws and ordinances about the handling of "personal information
  protection management system - requirements about the personal information
  protection" and the personal information, a country establish it and handle   
personal information.

2.Establishment of the internal regime
(1). I act for the acquisition of appropriate personal information depending on contents
  of our business and a scale, the use and an offer and maintain the inside rule that
  established a privacy policy method again.
(2). I wear a leak of the personal information, loss again and take measures for
  prevention of the loss and correction (improvement).
(3). I appoint "a personal information protection manager" and carry out the internal
  prescribed observance thoroughly.
(4). I carry out education about the handling of the personal information more than
  once a year to all employees including the officer.
(5). I perform the above-mentioned inspection once a year and check the situation of
  an internal rule and the observance.
(6). I improve a management system for personal information protection continuously.

3.The acquisition and the use of the personal information
(1). Use purpose
  Please let me use personal information within the use purpose that we exhibit it
  when I take it about the personal information to take by documents from the
  person directly, and had an agreement. About the personal information that you
  acquired by the method except it, please let you drink within the use purpose to
  announce separately and use it. Our general use purpose is as follows.
  ・For observance of a contract of the use, the duty of the right based on the
  commercial law of stockholder and giving the stockholders preferential treatment
  ・For the communication with duties accomplishment of business partner (the
  person in charge) and the contract, both hands continuance
  ・For a purpose to fix for others, an employee information management rule for
  an adoption applicant, employee adoption selection
  ・To cope with requests such as the disclosure of the whole personal information;
  for the safety management of our facilities, network
(2). Arbitrariness of the offer
  When we ask the person including the visitor for an offer of the personal
  information, the offer of the personal information from the person to us is
  arbitrary. But, by a kind of the information that you cannot offer, I may not
  provide a part of the service from us or all.
(3). Automatic information to acquire
  In our WEB site, I record access log for the evaluation of the WEB site of our
  oneself. I still less use the cookie. I manage both automatic acquisition information
  according to our information security-related rule appropriately.
(4). The use and offer to a third party
  We use personal information except any of the following case across a range
  necessary for the achievement of the use purpose and do not contribute it to the
  third party.
 @When there is the agreement of the person. In addition, stopping the use by
  confidentiality, the prohibition of the re-offer, the proposal from a visitor as a
  general rule when contribute it to the third party of the contract is subject.
 AWhen disclosure is demanded by laws and ordinances.
 BWhen it is necessary for protection of the person or public life, a body or the
  property, and it is difficult to obtain the person's consent.
 CWhen it is necessary, and it is particularly difficult for the promotion of sanitary
  improvement or healthy upbringing of the child to obtain the person's consent.
 DWhen it is necessary to cooperate for the person who received the engine of the
  country or local public entity or the trust accomplishing the office work that laws
  and ordinances establish and might affect accomplishment of the office work
  concerned by obtaining the person's consent.
(5). Trust
  We may entrust an outside supplier with some or all the handling of personal   
information to push forward duties smoothly. (I choose this case, substantial trust  
of safety management measures and oblige it to safety management measures in
  a contract)

4.Inquiry correspondence about the personal information
(1). We cope immediately after having confirmed the person if there is the request
  about the stop of disclosure, a correction, the use and the offer from the person
  (including the agent) about personal information for our disclosure to hold it. In
  addition, I cope with the question about our privacy policy, consultation. But you
  want and, about the deletion of the personal information, may not attach it when
it conflicts with legal safekeeping duty.
(2). I accept the inquiry about our personal information at the following windows. I
  may ask for the answer to necessary documents presentation and question by the
  contents of the inquiry.
  In addition, I charge 1,000 yen (tax-included) as a fee when the notice of
  disclosure and the use purpose of the personal information is hoped for.
  As for the time in of the window, I do it from 9:00 a.m. on weekdays to 5:00 p.m.
    Charge: Personal information protection consultation window
    A telephone: 03-5485-4775
    E-Mail address I agree to a privacy policy and e-mail it
    Please understand that this email is not protected in cipher.

(3). Proposing of the solution to name of the authorized personal information
  protection group and complaint
  Name of the authorized personal information protection group
    Association of general Japan information economic social promotion
    Foundation (JIPDEC)
  Proposing of the solution to complaint
    Personal information protection complaint counselor's office
    〒The 106-0032 1-9-9-6, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Motoki first
      baseman Building
  Phone number
   [there is not it at the reference about our product, service]