B1F, Okazaki Bld., 2-14-13, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
150-0002, Japan
 Information security policy
Establishment April 1, 2008
CyNet Co., Ltd.
Representative director
Junichi Saito

We establish this basic policy and information security basics official regulations, personal information protection official regulations or other connection official regulations, rules as information security policy to protect a lot of information assets such as on-the-job customers to treat and our information assets from a menace and carry out the following actions.
We shall make sure of security measures of the information assets such as on-the-job customers to treat and shall always wrestle in giving top priority for prevention of risk before the fact such as loss, destruction, manipulation and the leak.
We carry out appropriate security measures depending on the importance while utilizing it about our information assets effectively to the maximum.
I maintain the organization system about the information security, and we carry
An officer, an employee carries out education, enlightenment about the information security for (including the subcontractor employee) continuously, and we try for well-known thorough information security policy.
All officers, employees handling information assets observe information security policy and shall achieve duty and responsibility determined there.
We shall plan maintenance, improvement of the information security by a technological change or the change of the duties environment carrying out the risk evaluation of information assets from many aspects after consideration continuously, and letting various measures based on information security policy and it reflect it.
I shall act for security of the information security by our carrying out inspection about the situation of various use about the information security regularly, and taking an appropriate corrective action depending on need.
We protect Internet social order and contribute for the healthy development.
We observe laws and ordinances in conjunction with the information security, other models.
The definition ... "information assets" mean a thing necessary for use, management to use information, information system and these appropriately and shall include all information, knowledge, the know-how that I was able to know in duties other than hardware, software, a network and a recording medium.