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Corporate Philosophy

 Management Philosophy
  The rhinoceros net stands in the situation of the human nature respect without pursuing only merely profit and acts for the activation of information, the communication industry and local is loved, and it is loved by a person and aims at it being with a company prospering together and, in a social responsibility, contributes to development of society, economy, the culture, improvement.
 The CSR charter (Corporate Social Responsibility)
1.Development of the software of high quality
  I terminate, and a system develops abundant experience and a superior technique with responsibility, and we provide information system trusted by a visitor of high quality.
2.Service of the visitor real intention
  I thank a visitor every day and receive a thought, the needs of the visitor in advance in the situation of the visitor, and we provide software of the heartfelt best.
3.Development of the companies is fortune of oneself
  We catch every opportunity and try for the increase in sales and I always measure efficiency of duties with cost awareness and develop the company and meet the mandate of the stockholder and build own happiness.
4.The making of regular workplace
  I always make ventilation in the company better, and we act for the making of regular generous bright workplace.
5.Self-culture and challenge mind
  I try for self-culture consistently, and we challenge every aim with rich sensitivity and passion to burn daringly.
6.Person fortune upbringing
  I always try for an inventive idea, and we work on reform by oneself and show it without regretting power to be popular with person fortune upbringings.
7.The making of strong system
  We build the relationship of mutual trust in deference to the business partner including the business partner for a long term and realize coexistence and co-prosperity.
8.The making of environment that is kind to the earth
  We thank for the blessing from the global environment and work on global environment maintenance and contribute to realization of a low-carbon society and the recycling society.