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Medium and small-sized business emergency job security grant application documents making software (Excel)
"The input contents which are brief in anyone"
"The application documents which are made quick"
"Correct documents content"

I developed the concept of three above for the cause.

The entry error happens with the care power frequently on making application documents and uses the labor.

I can make the application documents that a troublesome application procedure is easily accurate in anyone.
(there is not the designation of the type of industry.) ) which is available towards all type of industry users

In addition, we do not have to worry about even as to expense.
If application representation and the application documents making of other companies are soft, it entails a large amount of cost, and a burden becomes big.
I distribute our software gratis.
Because there is not it at all, please utilize the limit just because of free by all means.

The downloading from this

※About the damage that occurred to the user because of the use of this system, I shall not take responsibility at all.