Fiscal 2014 new graduate adoption I begin!
Since I conduct a company brief meeting from this year October, I am waiting for your participation.
Wait for a while now since I give information it in newly arrived information as soon as a detailed schedule is decided.

Lingering summer heat inquiry I say.
I did employee travel for the current year in Okinawa!!
I am different from Mainland of Japan and a sea was transparent and to feel a romance of Ryukyu kingdom was possible.
This heat I am likely to follow but Please take good care of yourself for the present.

I celebrate a new year respectfully.
Thank you in advance for your kindness in this year.

I am engaged in an online system and business that an affiliated financial institution connects a system and enables exchange dealings and various service.
Development work of a card authorization system and conservative work becomes contents that we have contracted.
I am doing a work that a bank turns to a new system a working system now along with combination.